Tips for New Sellers On Ebay

DATE: June 2, 2017

AUTHOR: auctiondave

Who doesn’t like digging their way through Ebay to find themselves a bargain or a hidden gem. You can find some gold in the recesses of Ebay but what if you are brand new to the selling game? What if you have only ever used Ebay to snap up some great pieces for your toy car collection or that leather jacket you have always wanted.  Well here are some top tips for those who have used Ebay before but are brand new to the selling game.

The 12 Month Rule

If it has sat on a shelf for the last 12 months then the chances are you aren’t going to be using it any time soon. If it’s been hung up in a  cupboard and ignored all year then its safe to say that you aren’t going to wear it again next year. Sell it on Ebay. That will get you started on your Ebay career.

What sort of stuff is most likely to go on Ebay. Does it fit into one of these categories.

New Stuff – Is it still in the cellophane? Are you guilty of late night trips to Tesco’s and buying up buying DVDs and CDs with all intentions of giving them a spin only to have them sit on a shelf still wrapped up? Sound familiar?

Branded Items – Brand names sell better on Ebay.

Top Tip – Instead of writing into a description “Sander” write in “Black and Decker Sander.” That will get people having a look at what you have got. 

Rarities – Do you have an attic full of Pokemon cards that your children don’t play with anymore but you remember how much they begged to get all those years ago . Chances are they might be worth something to someones else on Ebay.

Job Lots – If have loads of similar types of items why not stick them up as a job lot. People might be more inclined to buy a whole bunch of baby clothes rather than one off items.



Have a look at what everyone else is doing. You can get a lot of information from other peoples listings. You can see how much items like yours have sold for. You can see what the starting price was or if it was sold as a “Buy It Now.” Just type your item into the search box and tick “completed items” on the grey bar that sits on the left hand side. If the price is black then it means it didnt sell.

Top Tip – Dont go re inventing the wheel here. If you find an item similar to yours then click the “Sell One Similar” box and let ebay take all the boring stuff out of this listing and do it for you. Dont copy the descriptions though or the pictures. Listings like that can look like spam and get deleted. 


Free Listings

You can list 20 things every month on Ebay absolutely free. If the items sells then you will pay 10% of the selling price but listing fees are  free.

There are two different types of fee’s you will pay on Ebay. One of them is an “Insertion Fee.” this is the basic amount it costs to list an item onto Ebay. It usually costs around 35p an item but with those 20 free listings a month you wont need to pay that price.  The second is the “Final Value Fee.” This fee only applies to something you have sold and it is a flat 10% which includes any postage costs you have added to the item. So if you sell your old  sunglasses for £7.50 with £2.50 postage and packaging then you will pay Ebay £1. This will come straight out of your Paypal account.

Top Tip – If you are planning to use the money you have earned on Ebay to buy yourself something else on Ebay then its always worth having a dig online to find some Ebay Discount Codes to make sure you get the best deal. Then those listing and selling fees wont seem so bad. 








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