Ebay vs Discogs for Vinyl

DATE: June 2, 2017

AUTHOR: auctiondave

If you are into vinyl the you know the best two places to buy vintage records online are Ebay and Discogs but what is better from a buyers point of view. Both sites have their good and bad points but when you are looking for the best price on the music you love which is better?

If you are looking for a bit of online crate digging we think that ebay is the best. The problem Discogs has is that everyone on their platform is a vinyl collector so they know the value of what they have and because of that the prices are often pretty spot on. So it can be pretty hard to find yourself a bargain. So Ebay comes out on top in that aspect.

However one problem you may encounter  when looking for vinyl on Ebay is the fact that the Ebay community is made up of loads of different people rather than avid collectors and because of this vinyl is oftten graded wrong. That “Beatles Rubber Soul” you have had your eye on might say it is in great condition but when it finally does land on your doorstep you might be sorely disappointed. Discogs on the other hand has their grading system pretty much spot on. Everything is there from Mint Condition to Fair. You are dealing with individual collectors and record shops so chances are when that copy of Black Sabbath Volume 4 comes through your front door it will be in VG+.

One thing Ebay has over Discogs is the ability to buy a job lot. If a seller on Ebay has a lot of a specific items then chances are they will stick it into a job lot. That means you may find one or two gems tucked away in a pile of James Last records. That is never going to happen on Discogs. Only problem is that if you do find the job lot of your dreams chances are you will need to drive to their location to pick it up. That might not be a problem though if its something you have been after for ages.

In short both platforms have their pros and cons but lets face it us “crate diggers” are going to check everywhere we can for that one record we need to complete a back catalogue.


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