4 Tips For Making a Great Sellers Profile

DATE: June 2, 2017

AUTHOR: auctiondave

Its the little things you do on Ebay that can clinch you a sale. Many people over look their sellers profile and leave out descriptions and profile pictures etc. but these are very simple things you can change that will convince a potential buyer that you are the person they should be buying from. We had a look and have written up 4 simple things you can do today to give your sellers profile a bit of a spring clean and hopefully grab you some more sales.

ProfileĀ Picture

Lots of people ignore their the fact that they don’t have a profile picture up on their sellers profile. Its a really simple thing you can do to make you into a real person automatically. Grab your Facebook profile picture and upload it onto Ebay. Problem solved. You are now a real person.

Share Your Reviews

Take some of they brilliant reviews you got from other sellers and stick them in your item description pages. Again its a really simple thing to do but it will make a massive difference. It means that if you have a potential buyer reading through your item descriptions they get to see how professional you are.

Tell Us Something About Yourself

Remember these four things.

  1. Say hello
  2. Tell a story. How did you get into what you are selling.
  3. Tell us something about yourself. Do you have a shop? Are you selling from home?
  4. Convince us that you are the best thing out. Tell us how good you are at sending things out on time. Build a bit of trust between you and your customer.

Product Descriptions

Be clear and concise when writing your product descriptions. Get to the point and get to the point quickly. Using bullet points can convey information quickly. Your customer doesn’t need to know where you got the item from and where it has been for the last 3 years in your house. They just need the relevant information to make a decision quickly. Your customers will love you for this.


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