4 Tips For First Time Ebay Buyers

DATE: June 2, 2017

AUTHOR: auctiondave

Ebay is a goliath when it comes to market places. There are millions of different items ranging from cars to clothes. It can be quite a daunting task taking to Ebay the first time as a buyer but dont worry we have compiled a short list of things to help all you first time Ebay buyers out there.

Dont Assume Ebay is the Cheapest

A lot of people assume that if its on Ebay then it has to be the cheapest price out there but the truth is it is always worth while checking out Amazon, Gumtree or just doing a quick google search to double check. If you are out for a bargain then take the time to do a little bit of homework. It will save you money in the long run.

Check the Going Rate

Its always a good idea to check what other items like the one that has caught you eye have sold for previously on Ebay. Its a really easy thing to do. Just head on over to the Ebay search bar and type in the item you are looking for.  and on the left hand side of the grey bar just tick the “completed items” box and hey presto it will tell you what other items have sold for.

Bid a Few Extra Pence

When you first take to Ebay you might find yourself rounding things up to the nearest number when placing bids but its actually a good idea to go a bit higher. For example instead of bidding £20 why not bid £20.68. That way if some else places an nice even bid of £20 they will receive a notification saying the have been out bid. You might have just taken them out of the equation because they dont want to spend any more than £20. Its a bit of a sneaky trick but its one that works.

Avoid Bidding Wars

It always feels like you got the best price when you enter a bidding war and win on Ebay but while you are distracted adding zeros onto your price someone may have picked up the same thing a lot cheaper by simply checking the “Buy It Now” box. Well worth checking out.



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